Global Change and Vulnerability

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With the topic Global Change & Vulnerability, UNEP/GRID-Geneva studies the links between environment degradation, climate change and disaster risk. This is a topic that lies within three UNEP priorities (i.e. climate change, ecosystems mgt, disaster risk & conflict).

These scientific studies are based on spatial analysis (GIS, remote sensing, statistical modelling), but also field data collection to generate advocacy tool and raise awareness. Data are made available using on-line interactive mapping and data distribution (SDI). Results are published in UN reports, scientific articles or in publication, conferences and exhibitions for the public at large.

This cluster includes four activities:

Activity 1

Ecosystems decline, climate change and Disaster Risk (local studies)


Continuation of Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology Development Project (RiVAMP).
Linked projects:
2011: RIVAMP training


2009-2010: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology Development Project (RiVAMP), the case of Jamaica
2006 - 2009: Links between deforestation and landslides
2005 - 2005: Links between coastal ecosystems and impacts from tsunami
2004 - 2010: Climate change impacts on glacier Coropuna (Peru) and related water supply

Activity 2

Global Risk and Vulnerability Assessment


GRID-Geneva developped and led the Global Risk Analysis for the Global Assessment Report (GAR) on Disaster Risk Reduction since 2007. The GAR 2009 set the basis for the identification of risk at the global level. The GAR 2011 concentrated in identifying the trends. For the next GAR reports (2013 and 2015), GRID-Geneva will participate to the development of new researches, including improving its global flood model, studying the influence of climate change on hydrometeorological hazards, and improve the models using a probalistic approach.
Linked projects:
- Music


Project for Risk Evaluation, Information and Early Warning (PREVIEW): the PREVIEW Global Risk Data Platform
provides access to global datasets on hazards, Exposure and risk for main natural hazards


2011: Contribution to the 2011 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (2011 GAR).
2000 – 2010: Developing methodologies for modelling hazards and risk
2007 – 2009: Global Risk Analysis for the 2009 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (2009 GAR).
2007-2009 : Natural and conflict-related hazards in Asia-Pacific
2001 – 2004: The Disaster Risk Index (DRI) developed for UNDP/BCPR

Activity 3

Identification of emerging issues


- UNEP Foresight process on emerging issues


2003 - 2008: Environment Alert Bulletins

Activity 4

Monitoring Global Changes from space


Under discussion


2001 - 2005: contribution to the UNEP Atlas, One Planet many People
2008-2009: Contribution to the environment Atlas of Europe (UNEP/EEA EU)
2007: Réagir (let’s react)
2006: Face changée de la Terre  
Other Global Change monitoring (see website under Global Change)
Global Burnt Area 2000